Friday, December 11, 2009


I've been moving to a new basement, trying to remember how do deal with freezing cold Utah weather, and buried under a mountain of work.  And while I've mentioned it, how is it that my body makes so little heat? Every morning I put on 6 layers, and somehow manage to stay chilly.  These signs point to one thing.  What is that thing, you ask in a timid tone? I'll tell you.  That thing is that I need to book a vacay with me and the lady to a hot place.  You see, if I was a scientist, I would prove that warm weather can be stored inside your body for a few months.  After that.. better jet set your way to warmth or its curtains.  Like for instance...

South Beach:

I know this ain't no music blog, but these electronic gems are totally cheering me up today:

Lisztomania by Classixx
Comme Ci Comme Cia by 12's
New single by GO FIND
Ali LOVE!!!

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Randi Patch said...

I need a warm vaca asap!! Let's do it!