Friday, December 18, 2009

Sushi Christmas

Alright so this year's holiday season, more than any I can remember,
has been full of dinner parties and get togethers. Like, seriously
EVERY NIGHT. Normally, I'd just love that. But I've also been dealing
with the Christmas norms of A) being super slammed at work and B)
totally behind in shopping for gifts. But, that's enough whining
about it- of all the evenings that have been great, my favorite was
spending the evening over at the Fitch house. 6 of us prepared sushi
from scratch (a first for me) and drank strange asian sodas from the
food supply store. Yes, one even had a root in it. Yes, a root. Oh,
dont worry, it tasted just like you might guess: a root. The company
was fab and the sushi was tasty. The misses even tried and liked some
of the salmon tempura roll. -I'm so proud of her.


Andrea said...

LOL- "And it tasted like... a root". So funny. Looks like a cool night of fun. Hang in there, socialite Patch- the season is almost over!

Tayva said...

Okay, you know I'm not really a sushi person, but that looks good! I think I can smell the soy! (And it was probably a great change from the heavier food . . . yes?!) XO