Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, so new to this week we had DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Which means, yes sports-fans, we get to turn our cold wintery clocks forward an hour. (remember? 'Spring FORWARD, Fall BACK').

This is a joyous week and I've be hotly anticipating it for.... about.... lemme see- Yep, SINCE WE SCREWED WITH THE CLOCKS BACK IN AUTUMN.

In the Fall, when you turn your clocks back an hour.. the clock-deciding-people say:
''Here's an extra hour of sleep. In return, I'm taking summer and fun away for a long time. Oh yeah, and its going to be really cold and DARK. Enjoy your hour."
So, basically.. Daylight Savings and the thought of putting things on Summer schedule is key to our happy state of complacence. Its devine summer warmth and light making itself known after a long hiatus. Its Winter being cast away, and I think its just the berries.

So, imagine my alarm. All week I've been hearing people complain about 'losing an hour of sleep'. Here are some of the uber lame ones I've heard:

"Oh MAN.. I'm still just TOTALLY reeling from losing that hour of sleep last weekend"

"I am SOOOOOO tired.. turning the clocks forward has done a number on me"

"Daylight savings is SO HARD! Man I miss that extra hour!"

"I'm REEALLY LAME and I can't seem to cope with the thought of losing a WHOLE HOUR"

I made that last one up, but that is how you sound, you whiner. Are you people serious? You're whining to me about losing one hour of sleep time? Is this you? If so, I am going to kick you if you say this to me. Think of all of the stupid things you give your hours of sleep to. AND this is even on a weekend when you're lying around anyway. If you are telling me you don't know how to nap-up a SINGLE HOUR of sleep, you should be sentenced to an hour in a meat locker. Look at the facts here. You will find that WE WIN on this round. For a one time donation of a certain hour of sleep, you get cheery bright sunshine when you leave the office, and hope of t-shirt days just around the corner. Just take a look at this chart:

You'll see that Daylight Savings is even better than new shoes and only a tad below free money.

Just yesterday, I celebrated DS by having a pre-dinner snack on the hood of my scout. The hood was warm and it was nice out... AT 6:15PM.

So, there. Keep your whining. Take your hour of sleep back, and move back to January for all I care.

In other news, I found this youtube yesterday of a goat that yells like a man. It's really great.


Lindsey S. said...

haha I love this. I like how you put such a positive spin on day light savings. I haven't complained so much myself about losing an hour but Bailey's schedule is sure thrown off and I don't like it. She now won't go to bed until 10:30. I liked it better when she did 9:30. But I'll look at the positive like you, summer is just about here! yay! And I can wakeboard this summer because I'm not prego! yay!

Andrea said...

Yeay! I loved this post. I am going to blog about it.

Tayva said...

FABULOUS POST and oh, so true. Let the games begin!!! XO

Jewels said...

My whole ward had issues about, my ward begins at 1:00pm. ONE. Really, peeps? I mean, I will admit that I forgot to turn our clocks forward until 10:00am (so, that's 11:00am), but it didn't wreck my day. I LOVE that it's still light at 7:00pm and that Summer is just around the carner. Yes. Carner.

Loved this post. Genius.