Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, I've been sick for the past 3 days and let me tell you, its the pits. I probably do better than most on getting away with 'burning the candle at both ends' but when my lifestyle catches up to me, it pins me good. Last weekend I could feel the scratchies in my throat creeping in.. and Sunday morning I was done for. I sound like a team of geese in heat.

I happen to own an AppleTV, which is a neat little box that connects to my TV, that brings my iTunes content to my living room. (I know, right? -another cool way to be lazy) While before I've only been able to mess around with it a bit, this week, my couched state has provided ample testing. I'm HOOKED. It's awesome. I had a friend at work (Thanks Mr Micah) install BOXEE onto my AppleTV, which is a little program that lets you go online and view content from CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, etc. SO, I've been thoroughly enjoying some TV in my sick-time. I've rented movies in HD, caught up on my car shows (Top Gear.. my fav), even busted out a reeeeealy old episode of 90210 and Melrose Place. Yeah. I know. "Melrose" I watched the entire 2-hour season premier. Maybe I took too much advil. Maybe MP was just an awesome show. Either way, It was nice to have stuff to watch besides Oprah while my chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it.

No real crazy news lately.. I've been hiding from posting on this blog hoping that summer would come sooner. That hasn't really happened, but I'm happy to report that a new car has come into my life in place of the blue truck. Its a 1977 International Scout and its very orange. I think I blog about once every time I get a new car. At any rate, it should bring some fun summer mud-bogging and drop-top fun.


Jewels said...

Wha?? Updated??? Love that you watched MP. Heather Locklear was a real B, wasn't she? I didn't even know you were sick!! Me = bad sister. You and Randi need to come down for a movie some night. Thanks for coming to the show the other night! Loved that. Love you. Loves.

Tayva said...

He's alive!!! And he posts!!! And mommy LOVES HIM!!! XO

Randi Burton said...

Umm.. I like this, I like your HOT scout, and most of all, I like you. Just saying. I am glad you are finally starting to feel better!!