Thursday, September 10, 2009

POST Labor

This last weekend was Labor Day, and officially the final blast of summer fun. I spent the weekend driving International Scouts around the mountains, and riding my bike with the other Space Invaders. I think I should start to rest more during the work week, as it certainly has not been my habit to do so on the weekends!

Mine, my two bros-in-law and my Dads. My rig is second in from the left. My brother is still on the hunt. So this is officially 4 of what-will-soon-be-5. Deep inside my heart, there is a inner redneck who has tied up his mullet and is clawing to get out.

Climbing the Alpine Loop. I voted this the coolest looking area for a bike ride. Life feels simpler in places like this.
I've been back to work this week and been totally slammed. But the work is cool, and we've got some cool projects for Xango going on, and some progress on films this Fall. To top it all off, I'm starting to wear my hoodie to work in the mornings.. Autumn is coming


Randi Patch said...

Shoot dang, look at them their scouts! HAHA.. loved that adventures day!
By the way.. sweet jerseys! You guys are going to look so tizight this weekend!

Jewels said...

And your sister turned 30, but whatevs. Um, I thought you were growing out your mullet and handlebar moustache, no? Is Cody the only one?